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How to be a Good Senior Citizen Assisted Living Roommate

For some people, moving or making your way into some assisting living center or community can be a completely different transition due to a variety of reasons. Sometimes you have to live in the middle [...]

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Assisted Living is Not as Expensive as You May Think

If you’re getting a little too tired with all your household chores and are thinking of assisted living facilities, expenses should not be your worry. Your concerns should include things like whether or not you [...]

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Senior Driving Safety: How to Keep Your Elders Safe on the Road

You want to ensure that your loved ones are always safe, especially when performing a potentially dangerous activity like driving a car. You also want to make sure that they aren’t dangerous to other road [...]

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Senior Assisted Living Facilities: Signs it Might Be Time for Assisted Living

For most children, the decision to help their aging parents move out of their home and relocate to a senior assisted living facility is usually a difficult one, both practically and emotionally. Nevertheless, the decision [...]

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When Independent Living is a Challenge: 4 Ways Assisted Living Homes Help Seniors Live Their Best Lives

Making the decision to take your loved one to an assisted living facility can be tough. Seniors who experience physical challenges while still retaining their mental abilities may balk at the idea of group living. [...]

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