Assisted Living for Disabled Seniors

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What’s the one thing that Americans value the most? If you said freedom or independence, then you’d be among the majority.

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to live a completely independent life. When you’re a disabled senior, an independent life can seem like a pipe dream, but it doesn’t have to be! Assisted living for disabled seniors provides the perfect solution.

Are you unsure what assisted living is or how it benefits disabled seniors? Read on to learn everything you need to know.

What is Assisted Living for Disabled Seniors?

So, what’s assisted living exactly? Assisted living seeks to help everyone enjoy their independent lifestyle. To meet this goal, caregivers provide individualized services to each person.

For seniors with disabilities, assisted living might involve:

  • Help with medication
  • Housekeeping
  • Help with transportation
  • Help with grooming, dressing, bathroom, and cooking needs
  • Social programs

Unlike a nursing home, there are different housing options for seniors. Residents should bring items from home, and the goal is to make yourself feel at home. The costs of assisted living are quite affordable for seniors, too.

Benefits of Assisted Living

Why would an aging adult decide to move to an assisted living community? In most situations, it’s because they need help. For a senior with disabilities, managing every day tasks may become impossible.

Assisted living doesn’t let a senior disability get in the way of an adult’s freedom. Instead, it provides access to the care they need while they maintain their lifestyle.

Did you know that 3 out of 4 seniors admit to “frequently” making medication mistakes? Considering how dangerous prescriptions can be, this statistic should alarm everyone!

Assisted living centers help prevent errors. They’ll make sure seniors don’t forget to take medication on time. On top of medical services, seniors will experience other benefits, too. Rather than feeling isolated, seniors will thrive in a community of peers.

Alternatives to Assisted Living

Are you thinking that assisted living isn’t for you or your aging loved one? That’s okay! Many families opt to move in together so that disabled seniors can get the care they need. Others opt to live in a nursing home.

About one in three seniors live alone. Not only can such an arrangement lead to loneliness, but it’s also dangerous, too. If an accident happens, then no one might realize the situation for days.

That scenario would never happen in an assisted living community.

Are You Ready to Make a Change?

Assisted living for disabled seniors is an attractive choice for many American families. Seniors get the care they need while also enjoying the freedom they deserve, too. Even better, they’ve got access to the resources they need to thrive as seniors.

Are you ready to join a community in your area? Are you looking to live in the Leesburg area? If so, then we’d love to provide you with more details about Heidi’s Haven. Leave us a message on our online form now to hear back from one of our staff members ASAP.

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