Why Is Florida Great for Seniors Seeking Assisted Living?

Senior living in Florida with her grandchild

Known for its beaches, lovely temperatures and amusement parks, Florida has also become home to some of the nation’s top assisted living communities. But what makes Florida such a great home for seniors? If you or a loved one is looking for a vibrant assisted living community, here are five reasons Florida is a great place to start.

1. Florida Doesn’t Tax Social Security Benefits

Living on a fixed income is hard enough, but tax laws around social security benefits make it even tougher. Fortunately, Florida doesn’t levy any state taxes on social security. There are also no taxes on income, investments, pensions, IRAs, 401(k)s, estates or inheritances. That means seniors living in Florida’s assisted living communities get to use more of their money to enjoy life.

2. Sunshine Reduces Heart Disease

Listing sunshine as a reason to move into an assisted living community in Florida would be too obvious, but did you know that sunshine can reduce the risks of heart disease and diabetes? A study done by the University of Warwick says this is because sunshine stimulates vitamin D in the skin, helping the body carry out its metabolic processes. Just don’t forget the sunscreen!

3. There Are Limitless Ways To Stay Active Outdoors

Even if your assisted living community isn’t on the coast, Florida is home to around 30,000 beautiful lakes surrounded by nature preserves and parks. It’s rarely too cold to stay inside, so they’re always available for walks, biking and just enjoying nature. More northern assisted living communities are restricted by cold seasons. In Florida, you have all year to explore the outdoors.

4. You’ll Be Surrounded by Likeminded Seniors

According to financial publication SmartAsset, close to 70,000 seniors ages 60 and up move to Florida every year. That means that if you enjoy walking down the beach, going out to restaurants, playing games or just discussing a great book, you’ll have plenty of friends to enjoy life with.

5. Family Visits Can Be Fun, Frequent and Simple

Florida is home to many international and large domestic airports. No matter where you or a loved one chooses to move, out-of-state family can reach you easily. When they arrive, there are many activities to choose from. Make memories at a theme park, enjoy a weekend away at a beach house or entertain them at your new community.

It’s All Possible at Heidi’s Haven Assisted Living Homes

Heidi’s Haven has four assisted living communities in Florida, serving all of Marion and Lake counties. While each community is full of fun activities, caring staff members and quaint, home-like suites for seniors, your new community is just outside of bustling Orlando. Unlike other communities, Heidi’s Haven is small and intimate, making it the perfect choice for seniors who can’t live alone but want to still feel at home.

For more information about our assisted living communities and the benefits of moving to Florida for seniors, contact us today. We’d love to call you family.

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