How to Choose the Best Assisted Living Facility for Yourself or a Loved One

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By the year 2030, one in five Americans will reach or exceed the age of 65.

Do you fall into this statistic? As you or your loved one enters into the golden years, you may need to start planning for new living arrangements.

When choosing a facility, look through all of your options. Not all assisted living facilities are created equal.

Read on to learn how to choose the best senior living facility for you or your loved one.

Assess Your Needs

People usually choose to move into an assisted living home due to increased needs. This makes finding a place that can meet those needs very important.

Sometimes life unfolds in such a way that you do not even recognize all of your own needs until they are not being met. Ending up in a facility that does not offer what you need due to this would create difficulty for your life.

Ask a loved one who spends a considerable amount of time with you to help assess your needs. Use this checklist to help you remember all of the important areas of care that you should take into consideration.

Visit Facilities

A website gives you an idea of what a facility can offer. But it does not show the true dimensions of a place.

Schedule a walkthrough so you can see the home first hand. Look at the layout and where you would need to walk for dinner or activities.

Meet the staff that you might interact with to see how you like them. Also, pop into an activity so you can see how you would fit in with your peer group there.

Ask About Amenities

Find assisted living that offers everything you want. What does the facility offer aside from shelter and meals?

This may seem small when you need help with daily tasks. But, social activities that you enjoy will improve your quality of life. Make sure they can offer the things that will make you feel fulfilled.

Look at the Location

Where is the home you are considering located? If you cannot drive far or lose your ability to drive at all, will it isolate you from the people and places you love?

Choose a senior care home that keeps you close to friends and family. If there is a spot you like to meet with friends or get your hair done, make sure it is close enough that somebody could easily give you a ride.

Consider the Cost

What can you afford? Some facilities break the bank while others offer reasonable pricing and options for assistance. Ask if they take your insurance or veterans benefits. Some places will even help you convert your life insurance policy to pay for your living situation or apply for the benefits you need.

Assisted Living Should Enhance Your Life

Moving later in life can feel overwhelming. But, choosing the right assisted living option to suit your needs will enhance your quality of life.

At Heidi’s Haven, we care about your care and comfort. Contact us to schedule a visit!

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