Choosing an Assisted Living Facility: Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Senior man reading book with female caretaker on couch at nursing home

Did you know that there are over 800,000 people living in assisted living communities?

Choosing an assisted living facility isn’t as easy as it seems. While there are plenty of assisted living facility options, they aren’t all the same. They vary wildly in quality.

Whether you’re looking for your own assisted living facility or you’re looking for a new home for an aging loved one, we want to help you make your decision. We’re here to talk about a few common mistakes that people make when they’re deciding between communities for seniors.

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Not Considering Finances

Assisted living is expensive, so make sure that you’re able to afford it before you commit to a community. You don’t want to have to switch in and out of assisted living communities due to the cost of care. It’s far more comfortable for you or your senior loved one to stay in one place.

Many assisted living communities offer options for people who are struggling with their finances. It’s always helpful to reach out ahead of time to make sure that you can get what you need.

Not Visiting (or Reaching Out) First

Don’t base your decision on reviews or websites. Before you commit to an assisted living community, reach out to the assisted living staff or (ideally) visit in person.

You want to make sure that you know what you’re committing to. How does the facility look in person? Do the caregivers seem kind and attentive? Will you (or your loved one) be happy and comfortable there?

You can’t learn these things from a quick browse of a website.

Not Considering Services and Levels of Care

Not all assisted living facilities offer the same services and levels of care.

If the senior in your life requires frequent medical attention, it’s important that the assisted living facility is able to offer that 24/7. It’s inconvenient to have to move the senior from the facility to a medical center.

It’s also helpful if the assisted living facility offers end-of-life care. Moving is stressful and it’s best if the senior is able to stay in one place throughout their twilight years.

Prioritizing “Hotel-Like” Amenities

Many assisted living facilities will draw in residents with “luxury” and “resort-style” amenities. While these amenities are tempting, they shouldn’t be the main draw to an assisted living facility. They’re extra.

A good assisted living facility makes it easy to transition from “home life” to residential care life. The homes feel like real homes rather than resorts.

They offer home-cooked meals and a setting that’s as “close to home” as possible so seniors can stay comfortable.

Find Your Ideal Assisted Living Facility

Picking the right assisted living facility is a big deal. Avoid these common mistakes and you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect facility for yourself or your senior loved one.

Remember, prioritize services, reach out before committing, and keep your finances in mind when you’re making your decision.

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