Assisted Living Myths

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When you think of assisted living, what comes to mind? If it’s high monthly bills, lonely hallways, and a slightly prettier version of a nursing home, you might be surprised.

Today, over 800,000 Americans are in assisted living. And, they aren’t all rich or in need of round-the-clock medical care. In fact, an incredibly diverse population can be found within these facilities, many of whom continue to lead active, independent lives.

In this article, we’ll bust these and other common assisted living myths to help you see the big picture. Keep reading to separate fact from fiction, and maybe get a bit of help deciding if assisted living might be the right step for you or someone you love.

Assisted Living Is Too Expensive

When it comes to myths about assisted living, this is easily the most common. If cost is your primary concern, take a deep breath.

Each senior’s daily rate will be different, based on the level of care that they require. Financial assistance is available, too. Organizations like Medicaid and the Veterans Administration offer subsidies.

Long term care insurance and life insurance may also help you offset the cost of senior care. For more information, visit the finances page of our site.

Assisted Living Homes Are Depressing

If you think that life inside an assisted living community is boring or depressing, think again. Small residential facilities like Heidi’s Haven offer an outstanding quality of life!

Seniors within these communities enjoy a variety of planned daily activities, with options for exercise, engagement, and socialization. And, there’s no pressure to join in.

Most new residents find that it only takes them a few days to fall in with the right crowd. In fact, many older adults find that they have more fun within their community than they did before leaving home.

Everyone in Assisted Living Care Needs Medical Attention

One of the biggest benefits of assisted living is the ability to create a totally custom care plan. No two residents have the exact same needs, and in many cases, each senior’s needs will change over time.

Simply put, a move to assisted living doesn’t mean living in a hospital or spending tons of time around sick people. Instead, it presents an opportunity for seniors to remain independent and engaged while receiving as much or as little seamless healthcare as they require.

Assisted living facilities don’t look or feel like traditional nursing homes. Instead, they offer a relaxed residential environment that feels more like a bed and breakfast than a medical facility.

Assisted Living Myths, Busted!

Now that we’ve dispelled a few of the top assisted living myths, you might have some specific questions about what life at Heidi’s Haven is really like. We’d be happy to help!

Follow this link for answers to our most frequently asked questions, as well as a contact form to get in touch directly. Our compassionate team is standing by to assist you, and you can also call us at 352-787-3034.

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