What You Can Expect When Dining in Assisted Living

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When you’re staying in an assisted living community, you should feel at home during every meal. We know that food is about enjoying the present moment, whether you’re with friends, family, or having a relaxing meal by yourself.

Order your favorite comfort foods, taste local flavors, and enjoy local traditions. Food means love in every culture. Have fun chatting with your servers and chefs so they can get to know you and your favorite dishes.

From nutritious home-cooked food to social family-style meals, here is what you can expect when dining in assisted living facilities.

Ensured Safety

It’s comforting to know your food is safe, each and every time. In these complicated times, and as they wind down, meticulous safety measures will continue so you have peace of mind. Socially distanced seating options exist in some community dining rooms.

Restaurant-Style Community Meals

Gather together for laughter and fun, to share memories, and make new friends. Food shared with others is good for the soul. Enjoy the beautiful, relaxed atmosphere while eating delicious meals in senior care.

Eat-In Option

Need a relaxing evening in? With 24-hour in-home assisted living, your assistants will bring a delicious, satisfying, home-cooked meal right to your door. If you have an interest in cooking at home for yourself or your loved ones, groceries can be delivered to you upon request.

Special Dietary Requests

Community living food preparation is tailored to meet dietary restrictions, whether it be doctor-recommended or a lifestyle choice. Your community dietitian will keep your nutritional health a top priority.

Special Days

Whether you’re celebrating your birthday or a beloved holiday, your assisted living community will honor that day. Food is the perfect way to make those days shine. You’ll be notified prior to these special events so you may participate and enjoy them.

Snacks & Drinks

Snack lists are provided and requests are welcome! They’re available anytime to satisfy your cravings whether you want sweet, salty, or savory. From crunchy to creamy, you’ll have many to choose from.

Pick from refreshing beverages like sparkling water and fresh fruit juices. Sip on warm, comforting tea, hot chocolate, or coffee.

If you don’t see your favorite, simply mention it to the staff, and you’ll realize the benefits of assisted living dining. They’ll do their very best to make it available for you.

Fresh Fruit

You’ll be served a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Check out the menus and you’ll notice the exciting dishes prepared with these fruits. Local produce is sourced whenever possible so that the nutritional value (and enjoyment) of your food are of the highest level.

Food Means Love in Assisted Living Communities

We serve with a smile, and we love to see you smiling back. Nourishing meals that are pleasing to the eye and to the palette, await you. Don’t lift a finger, because we’ll serve you like royalty.

Come in for a tour and take a walk through our dining hall. Meet the chef and peruse the menus. You’ll be welcomed as an honored guest in our assisted living community.

Check out our FAQ page for more information!

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