Benefits of Personalized Respite Care for Seniors

Benefits of Personalized Respite Care for SeniorsAccording to a comprehensive study by JAMA Internal Medicine, family members who care for their aging loved ones, particularly those with disabilities, are more likely to suffer physical and emotional difficulty. From the earliest writings on senior care, caregivers articulated the need for getting breaks from the constant demands of offering adult care. Respite represents a category of senior care services that offer an alternative care arrangement that allows family caregivers to have time away from care responsibilities. This makes it a pragmatic alternative for family and unpaid caregivers who prefer that option over institutionalized care.

At Heidi’s Haven residential assisted living facilities, we offer respite care, also referred to as short-stay care, in our nursing homes located in Leesburg, Lady Lake, and Fruit Park. Our facilities feature a beautiful home-like environment that is thoughtfully modified to ease the transition from in-home care to respite care. Here’s a list of the benefits seniors and caregivers get to enjoy by seeking personalized respite care at our facilities:

1. Uninterrupted Care

A regularly booked care slot at any of our facilities offers respite care will enable your aging loved one to receive ongoing care in a place where it’s most comfortable. We have dedicated, and compassionate teams who are very qualified and experienced in caring for seniors on a respite basis. Although your loved one will only be with us for a short while, he/she will get the same level of care, support, and attention as any of our permanent residents.

2. Better Health Care

New treatments for seniors are made available every day. Facilities that offer respite care must keep abreast of new developments. By taking your loved ones to a facility that offers respite care, you’ll certainly benefit from being made aware of any new developments. At Heidi’s Haven residential assisted living facilities, we are always ready to pass relevant information regarding new treatments on to families and residents to ensure that they get the best possible health care.

3. Change of Scene

Respite care enables seniors to enjoy a change of scene, engagement activities, and the opportunity to meet new people and strike up new friendships. They also get to socialize with others experiencing their same condition. While at our nursing homes, residents come into contact with their peers and get to rediscover the joys of company and conversation. Regular respite breaks will have a very positive effect on your loved one, and he/she will likely go home cheered up.

4. Better Nutrition

Another area in which families and their aging loved ones get to learn about while seeking respite care services is on food and nutrition. The staff at facilities that offer aged care is highly trained in this area. Thus they can pass on constructive advice, especially to those who struggle with health conditions or with special needs. The staff can help families and the aged ones to know what to eat, what to avoid, and also on portion control. Furthermore, the staff may introduce new food groups to seniors that they may get to enjoy.

5. Higher Quality Service

Unlike other facilities that have an overwhelming number of residents, Heidi’s Haven residential assisted living facilities accommodate a maximum of 6 residents. So, besides enabling your loved one to get continuous care, we offer personalized care that’s catered to each resident’s needs. We take the time to get to know our residents and work with them and their family to understand their needs. This helps our care teams to build meaningful connections with the residents and develop care and support plans that are personalized to their goals and needs.

6. Caregiver Relief

Caring for an aging loved one can be extremely demanding. It’s very vital for caregivers to look after themselves so that they can continue giving their loved ones the very best care and support. Respite care fosters a certain level of freedom for the family caregivers and gives them a much-needed break from the stresses of caregiving. Having a break, regardless of how short, can bring the caregivers back from an exhaustion tipping point and enable their aging loved one to continue receiving the level of personalized care his/her condition necessitates.

Personalized respite care certainly has many benefits that both seniors and their caregivers can get to enjoy. As the saying goes: absence makes the heart grow fonder. Once your loved one experiences how care is provided at a respite facility, he/she will get a genuine appreciation for its true value, from both an emotional and monetary perspective. Furthermore, respite enables families to build relationships with the care team at the adult care facilities.