4 Senior Care Services to Lighten the Burden on the Sandwich Generation

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4 Senior Care Services to Lighten the Burden on the Sandwich Generation

Many adults between the ages of 30 and 60 are living in what is known as the “Sandwich Generation”. Caught between supporting their still-dependent children and aging parents, these people carry large financial, emotional, and physical loads to provide for everyone in their household.

However capable these family pillars may be, there always comes a time when they just need a little extra help. Heidi’s Haven assists families in Leesburg and the Villages with respite relief, adult day care, and long-term senior care services. Here are some of the ways we can help you take care of your loved ones.

Post-Surgery Convalescence

After a procedure to repair damage to the hip, heart, or other major surgery, patients may need an extended amount of time to recuperate. For seniors, this can mean around-the-clock assistance with everything from bathroom breaks to doctor’s appointments. Caregivers often need to miss many hours of work to ensure their loved ones gets the proper attention during their downtime. Others may choose to pay for expensive in-home care with attendees with little to no actual medical experience.

At Heidi’s Haven, our seniors receive everything they need to optimize their healing process. Fresh, homemade meals and snacks satisfy the palate while providing the nutrition their bodies need to support regeneration. Our small staff-to-resident ratio ensures that your senior will get all the help they need with bathing, grooming, and bathroom trips. A 24/7 staff presence also allows us to keep a close eye on your loved one. If anything goes wrong, our medically-knowledgeable staff will respond appropriately and immediately. We’ll even coordinate care with doctors and therapists to ensure that treatment plans are closely followed.

Our senior care services are designed to reduce the stress on seniors and their families. In this way, adult caregivers don’t have to choose between providing for their children and taking care of their aging family member.

Daytime Care

Families with senior members who can’t be alone need special options to keep their loved one safe and happy while everyone else is at school or work. Finding the right adult daycare can be a challenge. Many families can’t afford the steep costs of in-home care. Others want to make sure their senior will have enough stimulating activities to maintain a high quality of life. Still, others worry that their sitter won’t have the right knowledge to keep their medically-sensitive senior safe.

For working families in the Leesburg area, Heidi’s Haven is the solution to your adult daycare problems. Our adult daycare clients enjoy many of the same benefits as our residential members. The daily itinerary is filled with social activities that encourage connection, conversation, and a good time. We also offer daily newspapers and an afternoon happy hour.

Transitioning to Hospice Care

The end of life is a unique burden for a caregiver. Emotional bonds demand that they give their dying senior the most comfortable and dignified atmosphere possible during their final days. However, it can be nearly impossible to keep other family members on-schedule, provide financially, and give your senior the care and attention they deserve. The stress of trying to meet too many demands compromises your final moments together. Instead of celebrating and appreciating the life that is about to pass, caregivers spend all their time running from task to the next.

Bring your transitioning senior to Heidi’s Haven. Our senior care services include end of life hospice care. We have the tools and experience to keep your loved one comfortable throughout their stay. Don’t worry about your loved one passing in a sterile, hospital-like environment. Heidi’s Haven is a real home. Each resident room contains luxurious furnishings and decorations. Of course, we’re always willing to accommodate families that want to bring their own belongings. We’ll rearrange your room to suit your senior’s preferences, so they can create a peaceful place to enjoy moments with family and friends.

When You Just Need a Break

Care-giving is tough. Those caught between growing children and aging parents spend most of their time taking care of the needs of others. This can leave them feeling more just physically tired. Without enough rest, emotions and mental abilities can suffer. When you need some time for self-care, who can you trust to take care of your fragile senior?

From day trips to well-earned vacations, Heidi’s Haven is your backup when you need a break. We offer temporary residency for as long as you need it. Leave your senior with us for one day, two weeks, or several months. While you’re gone, they will enjoy superior senior care services with all the comforts of home.

Heidi’s Haven is your source for high-quality senior care services in the Leesburg area.