4 Questions to Help You Find the Perfect Assisted Living Home

4 Questions to Help You Find the Perfect Assisted Living HomeYour home is more than just a place. It’s a refuge from the stress of outside life, a comfortable place to enjoy family and friends and your personal kingdom. But when age and illness make it impossible to live on your own, a safe home can be hard to find.

At Heidi’s Haven, we understand how important it is for your assisted living situation to feel like home. For families and individuals who find themselves searching for assisted living in the area surrounding The Villages, FL, our facility offers all the comforts of the home as well as empathetic personal attention and high-quality care.

Consider the following factors when comparing potential assisted living homes to Heidi’s Haven to ensure the place you pick is perfect for your loved ones.

Where Can I Find Assisted Living Near Me That Offers Just the Right Amount of Help?

Every resident’s needs are different. Some require help with bathing, dressing, and grooming. Others might want the freedom to follow their own routine but still need a little extra assistance with daily tasks like cooking, cleaning, and taking medications.

At Heidi’s Haven, staff members are always available to make our senior resident’s day easier. Our small home houses a maximum of six residents at one time. With two full-time caregivers, each resident is guaranteed to receive the attention they need.

Where Can I Find Assisted Living Near Me Where I Can Customize My Surroundings?

Many senior assisted living facilities maintain sparse and uniform furnishings and decorations. Residents are discouraged from adding their own touches or are limited in the number of items they can have in their space. Instead of feeling like a warm and welcoming living space, these facilities end up feeling cold and sterile, like a hospital.

The rooms at Heidi’s Haven are fully decorated and furnished. Residents can move in with only their essentials and still be completely comfortable. However, those who want to bring their own beds, dressers, rugs and wall hangings are welcome to do so. We are happy to rearrange the space to accommodate your treasured possessions. At Heidi’s Haven, your assisted living facility truly becomes your home.

Where Can I Find Assisted Living Near Me That Keeps Me Connected and Engaged?

Limited activities in assisted living facilities make it impossible for seniors to enjoy their time. Isolation and boredom negatively impact the quality of life for seniors in long-term assisted living. This can make it harder for your loved ones to heal after surgeries or while recuperating from a long illness. For seniors in facilities that offer limited activities in order to transition to hospice care, a lack of stimulating activities makes it more difficult for them to enjoy their lives.

At Heidi’s Haven, we encourage our residents to interact, socialize, and get involved. We schedule group activities daily and stock a variety of diversions to keep our seniors’ mental skills and facilities sharp and focused. Our home-like atmosphere naturally encourages social engagement with other residents. While each resident has their own private bedroom, common areas provide a gathering space for group conversation, board games, television viewing, and more. Opportunities for exercise are available for those who want to keep active.

At Heidi’s Haven, we believe in taking care of our residents’ whole mind, body and spirit.

Where Can I Find Assisted Living Near Me That Provides High-Quality Medical Care?

If your loved one is healing from a prolonged or serious injury or illness, they may need more medical attention than you can provide after being released from the hospital. Administering medications, keeping track of doctor and therapy appointments, and taking care of your loved one’s physical and emotional needs while maintaining your daily life is a difficult task.

Heidi’s Haven takes the burden from overworked caregivers. We contract with a doctor in The Villages, FL who provides in-home services to our residents. Our staff will coordinate care with medical professionals to ensure residents get the most out of any medically-ordered therapies. In addition, we provide assistance with daily physical needs that help support the patient while they regain their strength.

Finding assisted living for a loved one is an important choice. If you’re searching for “assisted living near me” in the area around The Villages, FL, Heidi’s Haven has the perfect combination of the comforts of home & high-quality personal and medical care.