Important Considerations When Choosing an Assisted Living Community


Important Considerations When Choosing an Assisted Living CommunitySeniors today live a different life from those of the past two decades. Most seniors understand the importance of living an active and balanced life. A significant number of people prefer assisted living to meet their personal and medical needs. Depending on the individual’s ability and preference, some of the options available are shared quarters, apartments, and individual rooms. These facilities are specially designed to promote the independence of residents and to offer a home-like setting. Moving into assisted living can be quite challenging and confusing. Below are some of the important considerations that help in selecting assisted living communities.

What services are provided?

It is important to carry out a self-assessment before choosing an assisted living community. People have different needs that should be met. For instance, there are those who require special medical services. For a person who is in need of the services of a medical professional, the assisted living community should provide such services. Heidi’s Haven is one of the best facilities because it does not compromise on the quality of health care services offered to clients.

Our caring team of professionals focuses on the wellness and health of all clients. Our team takes walks with clients and listens to them. Our professional staff values the importance of creating a strong relationship with residents. We also create friendships with residents that are based on trust, care, and love. Our 24-hour staff offers clients with care throughout without any shift changes. Additionally, there are two caregivers during the day to monitor the health of residents.

We offer free medication delivery, X-ray and lab services, and medication management to residents. The other health care service that we provide includes physical therapy. Our health care services are diverse to ensure that they cater for the medical needs of all residents. We also offer special diet to meet the dietary needs of residents. We give personal attention to all clients. We closely interact with residents to ensure that we fully understand their needs, tastes, and preferences. Our staff knows the favorite snacks and meals of all residents. We serve residents their food of choice at their own convenience.

Heidi’s Haven offers the best conditions to ensure that a resident’s transition from home to our facility is pleasant. We strive to make sure that clients feel encouraged to live in our facility for several months to experience a positive change in their lives. Our clients enjoy well prepared meals from breakfast to supper. Each morning, we offer a home cooked breakfast as well as fresh fruits to ensure that residents are supplied with enough nutrients. Our other meals are also home cooked meaning that residents find no difference between what we offer and what they enjoyed at home. We not only offer breakfast, supper, and dinner but also plenty of snacks and drinks throughout the day.

Most seniors are not in a good position to do laundry and housekeeping duties. It is critical to ensure that the assisted living community chosen offers reliable personal care services such as bathing and dressing as well. These are essential services because they are needed on a daily basis. A slight mistake in choosing these services could lead to undesirable living conditions. We understand that most clients have these problems, so we have found ways of meeting the housekeeping and laundry needs of our clients. Our facility accommodates a few members to ensure that individual attention is given to all residents.

Unexpected things may happen to an individual’s body especially if they are suffering from a terminal disease. Does the assisted living community offer 24-hour emergency care? It is important to ask this question to stay prepared in case of anything. If the facility does not offer these services, it is important to look for other better options. Availability of emergency services at Heidi’s Haven give residents confidence in our services. We monitor the health of residents to ensure that they are always safe.

Provision of medical services is an essential factor to look at before choosing an assisted living facility. Most assisted living communities offer these services but in different ways. It is important to get a detailed description of how a facility takes care of these medication needs. Also, for a person who has special medical needs, it is necessary to enquire about how the facility will take care of them.

What about recreation and social activities? Does the assisted living community have a gym? These are important questions that seniors should ask themselves before joining any facility. People work out for different reasons. There are those who engage in physical activities as a hobby while others are required to do so for medical reasons.  Despite the reason, physical exercise is important to everyone, so it’s important to ensure that the assisted living community is well equipped. Heidi’s Haven offers a wide range of social activities to improve the well-being and health of residents.

How to Know the Services Needed

Before choosing to live in an assisted living community, it is important to make various considerations. It is advisable to determine the type of services needed before visiting any assisted living community. This is a great step to making an easy transition. Some of the helpful questions include:

  • How many times do I need help each day?
  • What are the reasons behind my changing of living arrangements?
  • What assistance do I need daily?

What to Look for

  • Is the assisted living community licensed?  Heidi’s Haven is a certified assisted living community.
  • Insurance on personal property. Heidi’s Haven ensures that residents’ property is well protected.
  • What are the terms and conditions in the visitation policy? Some assisted living communities could be extremely strict thus making the living conditions unfavorable for residents. At Heidi’s Haven, we ensure that we offer home-like conditions. Visitors are welcomed any time of the day just like a residential home.

Why Choose Heidi’s Haven?

Heidi’s Haven creates a good conducive atmosphere that feels like a home. The facility can accommodate a small number of residents. This means that there is more personalized care offered to residents. The one on one care is a great attraction to most residents.  Residents are overwhelmed by the personal touch of the services we offer. Our facility based in Central Florida is great for people who prefer living in an area that is less congested. A person who requires frequent medical checkups should consider a small sized facility that can easily track the living conditions of each resident. In case of any emergency, our staff is always ready for such incidences.

Heidi’s Haven management encourages residents to decorate and furnish their rooms. We also decorate rooms for our clients at no extra cost. We encourage residents to bring decorations that fit their unique personalities. Residents are also free to replace the furnishings provided with those of their choice. Unlike other assisted living facilities, we do not charge an entrance fee or buy-in fee. We do not have an upfront cost. Additionally, all our services are affordable, and clients get value for their money.