Why Staff-to-Resident Ratio in Assisted Living Homes Affects the Level of Care Given

The number of employees tasked with taking care of elderly occupants at an assisted living home daily is one of the major concerns for any family that must place their loved one in such a residence. In fact, many adult children always confirm the number of staff the home they want to choose has compared to the residents it accommodates which is commonly referred to as the Staff-to-Resident ratio. We acknowledge the crucial importance of the concern since anyone would want to confirm that they are not condemning their relatives to an undesirable assisted living facility.

Is there an established National standard?

We know that many states provide an assisted living facility guide to all who wish to get such information which also contains the staff-to-resident ratio. However, the inclusion of such details is just an element of consideration and it is never done as a regulation to be followed by all facilities. Any assisted living facility has the option of setting the number of employees they will have as per their residents’ population.

The stark difference in types of staff

The one major reason why a common standard is difficult to establish is due to the fact that the needs of different assisted living residences vary. Variations due to aspects such as location are very stark like in the instances where a rural compound may need landscapers that are not needed in residences located within cities. Grounds and maintenance staff have little impact on care rendered to residents although their number still has a huge importance. The people who matter most are those attached to personally take care of the residents.

At Heidi’s Haven we have two Personal Care Assistants (PCAs) responsible for a maximum of six residents. This is a considerably high number of caregivers as according to the US Department of Health services one-quarter of the nation’s assisted living establishments have one caregiver for every 23 residents. Our home serves Leesburg, Lady Lake, Fruitland Park, The Villages and all of Lake County, Florida.

PCAs are responsible for direct client care

Any assisted living facility must always have trained caregivers on sight to respond to various needs of the old residents. In fact, their assistance has a huge impact on the overall health and life quality of all the residents of the home. PCAs interact with the patients directly which is why they have to be trained fully on all that they have to do.

Some of the common duties handled by personal caregivers at Heidi’s Haven include:

  • Assessing the medical condition – This always has a prime importance as our caregivers can assist with following up a patient’s condition with regards to their prescription. We ensure that a resident has a medical care plan that easy to follow and any medical assistance they need is accorded.
  • Assistance with basic needs –Bathing, toileting, and grooming are some of the most essential tasks for any human being to maintain a basic lifestyle. We always keep the seniors looking great by helping with all personal body maintenance duties.
  • Companionship –In caregiving one very important aspect is offering companionship to the elderly. We always treat all residents with a friendly attitude hence ensuring that their stay is peaceful and their time at our assisted living facility is used to create happy moments.
  • Housekeeping duties –Simple house tasks such as washing the dishes and taking out the trash are difficult for the elderly. However, our caregivers are always there to ensure that the residents do not have to do any job they do not have to.
  • Monitoring of medication –There are various medical plans prepared early on that stipulate the periods and dosages. We are always there to ensure that such a plan is followed to the maximum with any help needed medically being extended swiftly.
  • Monitoring of performance –We always prepare a care plan that is specific to each resident and suited to their needs. Our caregivers are then briefed on the essential duties they have to accomplish in line with taking care of each specific resident. This includes having a medical professional within a short reach to respond to any adjustments required.
  • Preparation of a care plan –Each and every resident has their own strengths and weaknesses. This means that their caring needs are different and as such different kinds of attention will be employed. We work to stipulate a plan for each client we have that works to complement their overall behavior and personality sufficiently.
  • Preparation of meals –It is very important to connect the need for nutrient regulation in line with this aspect. Shopping for the proper groceries as well as doing the actual cooking are all jobs that fall under the jurisdiction of a caregiver. We have people that are highly educated on nutritional matters. Some may have to be fed too which needs to be done graciously.
  • Transferring and other motions – If a resident has trouble transferring, for instance in the evening from the chair to their bed, then it is our job as caregivers to give them all the help they need. We always enhance their comfort as we do our job and we act with love not treating them as burdens.
  • Transport assistance –This is another senior job of any caregiver and mainly it is necessitated by the periods that a resident has an appointment. They may be needed to visit their doctor amongst other numerous activities and meetings outside the assisted living facility. We are always available to provide help when they cannot support themselves or move properly.

Quality living in assisted living homesThe above scenarios all illustrate the importance of having reliable caregivers always ready to assist an elderly person. Since the seniors do not need to be hurried when they are being cared for it is always important for the caregivers to be numerous. We ensure that a ratio of one personal care assistant per three residents is adhered to giving them enough time with each senior. Our facility prioritizes on the need for quality care being given to each of our residents.

We always value the need for friendships which are founded on trust, love and genuine care. It is not possible to build up such without having to accord each and every resident with sufficient time and attention as we interact with them. This means that more caregivers will be needed and hence the maximum of six residents enrolled per two caregivers at any time. Our caregivers are also on site for 24 hours for continued care without any sudden shift changes.

The fact that we maintain a higher number of caregivers ensures that we can monitor keenly the diet of each patient. Each client is offered a personal level of attention with the caregivers responsible knowing the clients by habits, moods, tastes and preferences. We then ensure that each patient eats to their own convenience and likes.

At Heidi’s Haven we ensure that the atmosphere is homely for each resident. It is an assisted living facility that lives up to the promise of providing one on one care as all services have a personal touch.