Why You Ought to Choose Assisted Living at Heidi’s Haven

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Personalized assisted living at Heidi's HavenWhen caring for the elderly, housing is one of the most important things that should always be taken into consideration. Additionally, there are several home support and care services that you should consider. When elderly family members, friends, or loved ones need to have are looking for “assisted living near me”, Heidi’s Haven assisted living facility should show up when searching in The Villages. We are a residential senior living facility situated in Leesburg, Florida. Our reliable, spacious, modern home care facility offers top notch quality care in a warm, serene, and residential-like setting that can enhance the physical, spiritual, emotional, and social well-being of you or your loved ones.

At Heidi’s Haven, we specialize in the provision of individual senior care as well as the provision of superior support to every three clients with one caregiver. Many find Heidi’s Haven to be the right choice due to the care that we provide. We offer quality services that cannot be found in big facilities. Since our establishment in 1997, we have been constantly providing The Villages and the surrounding area with the best services as far as residential senior living is concerned. Our residential senior assisted living options are the best in the region and our services are incomparable. Our history and commitment in the field are enough to prove our merit above the present competition. We serve Leesburg, The Villages, Fruitland Park, Lady Lake, and others in Lake County, Florida. The services our residents enjoy in the facility are discussed herein.

  1. Personalized Care

Heidi’s Haven residential facility is a small assisted living, initially a house turned into home. The residential home for the elderly people can carry a maximum of 6 residents. We have 2 caregivers for the 6 clients who offer personalized services. Due to the desirable caregiver to resident ratio, we are able to offer high quality services because of the easier and regular one-on-one services. We are also able to give personal attention to our clients, know their favorite foods and snacks. Our caring professional staff is impressing since we are more focused on the wellness and health of our residents. Our care is grounded on candid love and concern. We offer a distinct level of quality service that cannot be found in larger residential facilities due to the availability of many residents and few caregivers. As a result, we maintain healthy living styles for our residents regardless of their mental or physical disabilities. Our residents have the opportunity to enjoy personal full-time touch from our able professionals since our 24-hour staff offers our clients with continuous care throughout the day without shifts.

  1. Daycare Services

Apart from the long-term stay programs, we also upon availability offer short-term stay programs to clients. Our short-term stay clients also enjoy the same services and amenities just like our long-term stay customers. Our daycare services and short-term stay programs are thoughtful solutions when a loved one needs additional extra attention after a medical procedure, when your caregiver is on vacation, when your caregiver is unable to offer daily assistance, or when your caregiver needs a temporary break. The short-term stay program is also a better way of experiencing the lifestyle and services offered at Heidi’s Haven. We offer daycare services for half a day or a full day. Our half a day program takes up to 5 hours while our full day program takes up to 12 hours.

  1. A Home Away from Home

Although there is no place like home, there is at Heidi’s Haven. Our residents cannot help but feel at home the instant they step foot into Heidi’s Haven Residential Assisted Living Facility. We cater for the well-being of seniors who can no longer take care of themselves but who are not in need of a full time 24 hours nursing services as well as complex medical supervision. We offer friendly assistance to our residents like dressing, bathing, medication assistance, food, transportation, daily laundry services, and personal hygiene and grooming services. Our residents are family once they are here. Our facility is well-staffed, clean, and comfortable. We also offer recreational and social activities to our residents to make their stay at Heidi’s Home as comfortable and memorable as possible. Our dedicated and personalized attention to the residents as well as the high standards of care gives our residents an acquainted home-away-from-home feeling.

  1. All-Inclusive

Unlike many assisted living facilities in The Villages and Florida as a whole, our services are cost effective. We include all our costs in either our daily or monthly fee. We do not impose many charges including and up-front costs, admission fees or entrance fees. Our daily rates are proportional to the needs of our residents. We are also committed to maintaining a healthy and comfortable lifestyle to our residents with affordable prices compared to other residential assisted homes in The Villages.

  1. Easy Transition

The idea of moving from one’s home to a nursing home is often very nerve-racking to not only the residents but also their loved ones. We always aim at giving our clients an encouraging and pleasant experience while transiting from their homes to Heidi’s Haven. Each morning at the nursing home starts with a delicious home cooked breakfast accompanied with fresh fruit juice. Food throughout the day is also home cooked and plenty of drinks and snacks are also available throughout the day.

  1. Personalization

Although all our rooms are decorated and fully furnished with a distinct touch, we listen carefully to the preferences of our clients with an aim of providing their desired level of assistance and home care. Moreover, we also encourage our clients to furnish and decorate their rooms according to their preferences. Our residents enjoy decorating their rooms together with their family members to give it a beautiful and personal touch. We are happy to take away any furniture as well as decorations so that our clients can put other furniture and decorations that will give the room a personal touch.

  1. Financial Solutions

At Heidi’s Haven, we understand that cost is an important factor when one is searching for senior assisted living facility options in The Villages and in Florida as a whole. Whether looking for short-term or long-term financial solutions, we have several financial solution options that could cater for your financial needs when seeking assisted living services.

  1. Medicaid: We accept Medicaid for residents who qualify for it.
  2. Long Term Care Insurance Policy: We can help client in requesting for benefits from their long-term care policies.
  3. Life Insurance: Since some insurance policies allow clients to convert their whole life insurance policy into long term care benefits, we can help clients to determine whether their insurance policy can be converted or not.
  4. Veterans Insurance: We can help you with the paper work for the application of the Aids and Attendance pension plan provided by the veteran administration. This insurance plan is designed for veterans as well as surviving couples to reduce the costs of assisted living.