Heidi’s Haven: Top Independent Living Facility in Leesburg, Florida

Heidi’s Haven: Top Independent Living Facility in Leesburg, Florida

The home you have lived and raised your kids in has now become too much. You can no longer weed your flower garden, vacuum the entire house, or stand the noisy neighborhood that seems to come alive at night. Your kids have also moved out, and your health is slowly deteriorating.

Deciding to move into a more manageable living situation is not easy at first due to the attachment and years of memories you have to your home. However, more often than not, once you do move out and experience the opportunities that come with a new life, you will feel a huge weight has been lifted off your chest. Independent living facilities allow you to maintain your freedom and independence while living in a home that meets your needs.

Independent Living vs. Assisted Living

Independent living facilities include homes, apartments, condos, or any other type of housing that allows seniors to live together. Some primary benefits of independent living situations include companionship, personalized care, and assistance with daily chores. As the name suggests, independent living allows residents to live independently and is ideal for seniors who can take care of themselves.

Assisted living facilities are offered to people who cannot take care of themselves either because of their advanced age, illness, or any other physical and mental disability. These residents require assistance with almost all their daily medical and personal needs.

Why Choose Heidi’s Haven Home in Leesburg, Florida?

Personalized Care: We offer senior-friendly living situations that closely resemble the home environment. Our Leesburg home provides residence for a maximum of six residents, which gives it an ideal home setting as opposed to living in a larger care facility. Due to our size, we are well equipped to offer high-quality personalized care to all our residents.

Convenient Location: We are conveniently located south of The Villages, Florida – a high growth city that is made up of a large population of retirement communities. This makes the city and its environs the perfect haven for senior citizens. Leesburg, FL, is an ideal location for seniors looking for a quiet neighborhood environment to spend the remainder of their life.

A Home Setting: Heidi’s Haven is not another ordinary nursing home; we offer the best personalized senior care in Lake County, Florida. We strive to provide our residents with a home setting that closely resembles a real home. We only offer help when it is needed to ensure that our residents maintain an independent lifestyle as per their wishes. Residents appreciate our tastefully decorated homes, our home-cooked meals, as well as activities tailored to their abilities and interests. We also encourage interaction through social events, but we work individually with our residents to foster independence.

No Up-Front Fees: We do not believe in charging any entrance, buy-in, or up-front fees, unlike other independent living facilities. We also do not have a long-term purchase commitment fee. Instead, we believe in letting our quality services and track record speak for itself.

Top-Notch Daycare Services: All our homes offer short-term stay programs upon request and availability. Our short-term stay residents enjoy similar services and amenities as permanent residents. We decided to provide this sensible solution to cater for special circumstances such as when a caregiver goes on vacation, takes a break, or when your loved one needs assistance after an illness or medical procedure. It’s also ideal when you need to experience the Heidi’s Haven lifestyle during your decision-making process. We offer half day (five hours) and full day (12 hours) packages.

Own Furnishings and Décor: We allow and encourage residents to bring their furnishings to add a personal touch to their space. While all our rooms are fully furnished and decorated, we can accommodate a request to take out any furnishings and replace them with yours. We remain dedicated to helping residents feel as comfortable as possible throughout their stay.

Flexible Visiting Hours: We have no set visiting hours; however, we strive to make our Leesburg, FL, home as comfortable as possible. Ergo, our visiting hours are according to the families’ discretion and usually fall within the normal time-frame as in any other residential setting.

Smooth Transition: We know that moving from one’s home into a personalized care home is a stressful experience for our residents and their families. That is why we try to make the transition as smooth as possible with our small size, home furnishings and decorations, and home-cooked meals. We also provide healthy drinks and snacks during the day.

Services Offered at Heidi’s Haven Independent Living Facilities

All our services are included in our daily and monthly fee for short-term and long-term residents respectively. The daily rates are flexible as per individual client needs. We remain committed to maintaining a healthy and comfortable home atmosphere to all our resident regardless of their mental or physical disabilities. We not only identify as a nursing home but as a senior living lifestyle.

Our complete services list includes:

  • Personalized care from two certified caregivers.
  • Medical care includes a physician, home health nurse, podiatrist, and physical therapy. All our residents receive monthly medical checkups from a qualified doctor who also liaises with their primary care physicians.
  • Daily housekeeping including laundry, Linen, and towel service.
  • Nutritious home-cooked meals including fresh fruits, drinks, and snacks.
  • Assistance with daily personal activates (upon request) such as bathing, showering, and medication management.
  • Personal hygiene and grooming
  • Incontinence management
  • Social activities are ranging from daily walks to afternoon happy hour activities such as picnics.
  • In-house beautician services.
  • End of life hospice care.
  • Respite care.
  • Daily newspaper delivery.
  • Transportation is available.
  • Safety and wellness monitoring.

Benefits of Personalized Care vs. Large Independent Living Facilities

  1. Health

The health our residents is of the priority. We have partnered with local Leesburg doctors and nursing personnel to offer our residents a higher level of healthcare compared to larger nursing homes. This is because our relatively small size allows the doctor to attend to every resident at least once every month. We are also keen on working with our residents’ primary care physicians to ensure seamless care.

  1. Personalized Care

Our professional staff remains focused on offering residents the best health and wellness care during their stay. Our staff genuinely loves and cares for residents as evidenced in their daily interactions when cooking, taking walks, or simply hanging out. Our staff offers 24-hour care with no shift changes. As mentioned above, all our homes are staffed with two caregivers who can comfortably care for six residents. Our personalized care structure allows our staff to pay attention to the residents’ needs and interests as opposed to larger independent living facilities that require one CNA to care for up to 15 residents.

Independent living facilities offer an excellent option for seniors who are not yet utterly dependent on caregivers to live out their sunset years doing what they love, socializing, and free of worry. These communities are gaining popularity especially in and around The Villages, FL, which is considered a premier senior retirement city. Our Heidi’s Haven Home in Leesburg, Florida, offers an excellent home setting for six residents. Contact us today to learn more.