Aspects of Consideration When Choosing Senior Assisted Living Facilities

Aspects of Consideration When Choosing Senior Assisted Living Facilities

Relocating your aging loved one to a senior assisted living facility is an exceedingly difficult choice. As if deciding when to make the transition wasn’t tough enough, another challenge presents itself – determining which place is the most ideal. In Florida, there are many senior assisted living facilities, all of which promise to offer unrivaled services. Heidi’s Haven is one of the most preferred residential senior living facilities in the State.

You aim to find the best fit for your loved one’s personality and lifestyle. That’s not all. You want to ensure that your beloved parent will be well-cared for. With your budget in mind, you can compare the different options available so that you can arrive at the ideal choice. To make this process easier, we have compiled this useful guide that sum-ups key information, so you can decide on the ideal facility to commit your loved one:


Whether you’re looking for an assisted living facility set in a serene rural environment or one with a more suburban vibe, location is critical. Whenever the topic of assisted living comes up, most people immediately picture Florida. The state has been the most preferred destination by most seniors, mainly because of its warm weather, beautiful beaches, and recreational opportunities.

We have several homes in Florida, including one in Lady Lake, two in Leesburg and another one in Fruitland Park. If you’ve chosen Florida as your most preferred state to live in, then you can rest assured that you’ll be in perfectly safe hands at any of our senior assisted living facilities.

First Impressions

Even though intuition is far from the most significant factor on which to base your ultimate decision, it’s still a crucial one. At first glance, is the environment warm and lively or is it cold and stern?  Is the dining room atmosphere appealing, and is their food delicious? Is their staff receptive and friendly? How does the community make you feel when you visit?  In other words, first impressions matter.

At Heidi’s Haven, we have put a lot of work in ensuring that we create an excellent first and lasting impression through:

  • Beautiful, home-like environment

To ensure that your loved one easily adjusts to a new environment, we have made sure that our senior assistant living facility resembles a typical home in almost every aspect. We have created a warm, home-like environment that’s sure to enhance each resident’s physical, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being.

  • Healthy meals throughout the day

We provide not just delicious, but nutritious meals to all residents to ensure that they get all the vital nutrients their bodies need. Every morning, we treat our residents to a healthy home cooked breakfast and fresh fruit. We also provide home cooked foods throughout the day as well as plenty of drinks and generous snacks.

  • High level of health care

Heidi’s Haven strives to maintain comfortable atmospheres and healthy family lifestyles for all residents no matter their mental or physical disabilities. We have liaised with a local doctor that provides residents with a high level of health care that’s not usually found in most nursing homes. Our healthcare provider focuses on each resident’s clinical needs to ensure that everyone gets the best care possible. We can also work with your existing primary caregiver to provide seamless care.

  • 24/4-hour certified staffing

Besides our beautiful, spacious spaces, you’ll also be impressed by our friendly professional staff that is always focused on the health and overall wellbeing of all our residents. We have two caretakers who are available 24/7 to offer assistance with mobility, routine tasks, medication, and so much more. They are also more than happy to take walks, prepare meals, and create friendships with residents based on genuine love and concern. The fact that we have at most six residents per home means that our staff is capable of providing personal attention.

Level of services provided

All seniors need care, but they don’t all have the same needs. Some require personal attention, others assisted living, and others need skilled nursing care. If your aging parent is living with a cognitive issue such as Alzheimer’s disease, then you should consider senior assisted living facilities that offer dementia or memory care. So, it’s important to check the level of services provided by a facility to ensure that your loved one will get the care he/she needs without a hassle.

At Heidi’s Haven, we provide a wide range of services, including daily housekeeping, laundry services, activities of daily living such as bathing, personal hygiene, and grooming. Our caregivers also help with medication management, incontinence management, respite care, in-home beautician service, and many more.

Type of community

When choosing an assisted living center for your loved one, you must also consider the kind of community he/she will be living in. Senior assisted living facilities come in many different sizes and styles, including everything from cottages and single homes to duplexes and apartments. You may prefer one type of community than the other depending on your personal preferences and budget.

Heidi’s Haven is not just a nursing home. We are a private home care facility that strives to offer residents with a home that has all the comforts of a real home. While all the rooms are beautifully furnished and decorated, we also encourage residents to furnish and decorate their rooms as they like and based on their unique personalities. When living at our facility, your loved one will even get to enjoy delicious home-cooked meals and a wide range of activities tailored to his/her abilities and interests.


The amount charged varies from one assisted living facility to another. Finding out how much a particular senior assisted living facility charges is just but one part of the big financial picture. There are various other vital considerations to make, such as how the facility expects the bill to be paid, where the funds go, and what will happen should you run out of money.

As far as costs are concerned, Heidi’s Haven is entirely different from other senior assisted living facilities. Unlike many facilities, we do not charge a buy-in fee. We also don’t also require residents to pay an entrance fee or upfront fee. Moreover, we will not even subject you to a long-term purchase commitment fee.

Diversity and inclusion

Just like other people, seniors thrive when they are included and engaged. Therefore, it’s important to ask about the diversity and inclusivity among both staff and residents. Be sure that the senior assisted living facility has programs that are designed to nurture relations between all members of the community. While Heidi’s Haven helps residents sustain an independent lifestyle, we also promote relationships and social activities among the residents.

One thing to keep in mind when selecting a senior assisted living facility is that there is no one-size-fits-all. To find the best fit, you need to follow what’s right for your loved one at the center of the equation. All in all, choosing Heidi’s Haven will prove to be the best decision you ever made.

Please feel free to contact us anytime so we can answer any questions you may have regarding senior assisted living facilities.