5 Ways Assisted Living Can Help You Maintain Your Mobility as You Age

An elderly lady walking outside with a walker

Anyone over the age of 50 already knows that we each age differently. That neighbor who seems to be incredibly sedentary may remain flexible and agile for decades longer than anyone else. There is not a lot we can do to predict how we age, but there IS a lot we can do to address and limit the impact of time’s passage on different parts of the body. Take the issue of senior mobility. It is defined as the ability to move or be moved easily and freely, it is really all about reflexes and flexibility.

As a part of senior health and wellness, mobility is incredibly important because it is also related to balance issues and the individual’s level of activity. Remain active and fit and you increase your level of mobility. Increase the level of mobility and you are less likely to lose balance easily, fall, and sustain injuries.

Independence and Mobility

In addition to mobility being an indicator of senior health and wellness, it is also part of anyone’s individual lifestyle. This is why an assisted living facility can be a great support to a senior’s mobility. How? Unlike more traditional nursing homes that focus on medical health over anything else, assisted living communities offer many more personalized services that can address individual needs at different levels.

They have social activities, physical activities, and a long list of services that can all ensure that an individual can remain active and safe, as well as healthy and in good medical condition. Not only will an assisted living community ensure that their residents get regular visits from medical professionals like registered nurses, doctors, therapists, and specialists, but they can provide transportation for everyday errands. This means the seniors are safely getting “out and about,” which is a big part of retaining optimal mobility.

How else can an assisted living community help to enhance senior mobility? We have five other ways that such a community can really deliver:

  1. They help a senior to avoid leading an entirely sedentary lifestyle by supplying all kinds of modest activities. They will have social hours and other functions, regular activities and even trips that can all allow the residents to get up out of their chairs or off of their sofas and help reduce muscle loss and risks for falls.
  2. Exercise – In addition to the activities that force a resident to move around a bit each day, an assisted living community will provide opportunities for exercise. Whether it is chair workouts or exercise outdoors or a safe setting, the best assisted living communities make sure that their residents get the chance to do exercise routines in a safe, guided manner. They also provide safe places outdoors where seniors can enjoy a walk or a bit of exercise.
  3. Healthy eating – We all know that it is exercise AND diet that lead to the healthiest lifestyle, and an assisted living community is a great source for well-balanced meals. In fact, if you select the right site, a diet can likely be customized to the specific needs of an individual. Many seniors cease to eat a well-balanced diet due to loneliness or an inability to prepare a properly balanced meal. While this is horrible for basic nutritional needs, it can also take a toll on the amount of muscle in the body and cause a sharp decrease in mobility, balance, and wellbeing.
  4. Keeps them safe – Senior safety is a major issue at all times, and a single fall or trip can lead to significant health issues and disabling injuries. As one expert noted, falls “are the leading cause of disability among seniors. The majority of falls older adults experience happen at home.” Removing a senior from the home setting, while ensuring independence, can be a significant benefit of living in an assisted living community.
  5. Doctor’s visits – Finally, senior mobility is a focal point of most doctor’s visits. They check strength, general health and wellness, and issues that could impair mobility. An assisted living community will have registered nurses on staff and ensure doctors make frequent visits to help address any health concerns.


At Heidi’s Haven in Leesburg, Florida, residents enjoy the many benefits of living in a vibrant, home-like assisted living facility. Not only is it a place designed to offer social opportunities, plenty of activities, and yet ensure independence, but it is designed for optimal senior safety and comfort, including delicious daily meals, regular physician visits, and more.




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