Aspects That Make Adult Day Care a Viable Option

Aspects That Make Adult Day Care a Viable OptionToday, senior caregiving is considered as an essential element of day-to-day life for millions of families across the U.S. For adults who are going into their senior years but do not require 24/7 medical support; adult day care is an option that they can explore. Most facilities that offer this senior care option are focused more on providing socialization, community outings, and senior volunteer opportunities.

Heidi’s Haven residential assisted living facilities are among the most preferred assisted living facilities/nursing homes that offer an unparalleled level of adult day care to seniors. If you are in need of helpful assistance, nursing care, or increased socialization during the day, we offer a place where you can go every day and receive care, healthy meals, physical and mental stimulation, and companionship.

Benefits of Adult Day Care

1. Enhances seniors’ health and quality of life

According to one comprehensive study on adult day care, it is one of the options in the field of community-based long-term care that are linked to the enhanced quality of life. By going to an adult day care facility, seniors can overcome a host of age-related issues, including fatigue, loneliness, depression, and loss of brain function, etc. Elderly adults can move, socialize, and experience daily routines under the guidance of professional caregivers.

2. Prevents caregiver burnout

For most caregivers, it’s hard to strike a balance between caring for their aging loved ones and living a normal life for themselves. Adult Day Care is an ideal senior care option for families as they transition into the role of primary caregiver for their aging loved ones. When their aging loved ones get professional care at an adult day care facilities, their caregivers back at home can have a respite period.

3. Reduces anxiety and guilt

Between physical stress and lack of adequate skills and knowledge to meet the needs of ailing seniors, family members often find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work involved in caregiving. By taking their elderly loved ones to adult day care facilities, relatives who act as caregivers can rest assured that their loved ones are being provided with professional care, age-related socialization, and opportunities to enhance their health and well-being. This not only eases anxiety and guilt that comes from not knowing how to care best for their aging seniors.

4. Promotes social interaction

The primary goal of adult day care is to give elderly adults a place where they can go during the day so they can remain in touch with their peers. While at a facility that offers adult day care, seniors get to receive social interaction and cognitive stimulation that is vital to their mental health and well-being. Seniors can also engage in a wide range of stimulating therapeutic activities that meet their needs and interests. They can participate in spiritual discussions, community outings to local parks, cooking classes, outdoor barbecue, daily exercises, and activities for hobby enthusiasts such as gardening, painting, and playing cards, puzzles, chess, etc.

5. Provides financial relief

Compared to hospice care or senior care at a nursing home or assisted living facility, adult day care costs far less. If you do not need to be provided with any form of specialized care, then you may find a senior daycare to be a very affordable option. Furthermore, what you will pay will depend on what type of discount you get, thanks to veteran programs and insurance benefits such as Medicaid and Medicare. The cost will only increase if you will need advanced care, regular medical attention, or want more activity options.

Why Get Adult Day Care at Heidi’s Haven Residential Assisted Living Facilities

Heidi’s Haven residential assisted living facilities are small assisted living homes that accommodate a maximum number of 6 residents. This sets us apart from more extensive facilities in the sense that we offer more personalized care to senior residents. We develop a customized care plan for both in-house residents and day care seniors, providing each one of them with the service and attention that’s best suited for him/her. The customized care plan includes input from the residents themselves, their family, caregivers, and our physician.

Seniors seeking in-house care or day care services at Heidi’s Haven residential assisted living facilities get to enjoy delicious and nutritionally-balanced meals throughout the day. We provide our residents with a healthy breakfast, lunch, snacks, and drinks every day in a beautifully decorated dining area. What’s more is that residents can take part in cooking their meals in the company of our friendly staff.

If you believe adult day care is a viable option for you or your loved one, our professional and friendly staff at Heidi’s Haven Residential Assisted Living Facilities will happily welcome you with open arms and loving hearts. Contact us today for more information.