Kind words from the family of a Heidi’s Haven resident

Assisted Living Facility LeesburgWe take pride in the care we provide our residents and we are always touched when the family of a loved one entrusted to our care takes the time to write us. Here’s a recent letter from the daughter of one of our seniors at Heidi’s Haven Residential Assisted Living Facility Leesburg (Bonaire).

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to the staff of Heidi’s Haven. Also, it was a pleasure listening to your boys play this past Sunday and meeting your husband.

Specifically, I wanted to memorialize the fact that Laura, Miranda, Fariah and Fariah’s daughter, Aliah, have provided such wonderful care for my mother. I am constantly in awe of how they go the extra mile (even if they are not feeling well, etc.) to take care of my mother. As I indicated to you on Sunday before you left, I can’t express enough how much having my mother safe and sound and cared for helps me to carry on my life without the extra worry of her day-to-day care. I know in my heart that those ladies genuinely love my mother…because I hear them tell her when I am there visiting and also I have witnessed that caring by the things that they do.

I have also had the opportunity to meet your new staff member, Donna. She seems quite nice and I’m sure Laura’s feelings about her are spot on and that she will be a great addition to the Heidi’s Haven staff.

Again, I just wanted to put into writing my sincere appreciation for the wonderful atmosphere at the Bonaire house. It is truly like a family and when I have brought visitors who did not know what to expect since mom was in an “assisted living” facility, they were quite pleased and expressed to me how happy they were that mom was in such a great place.”

We couldn’t be more pleased to hear from the family of a loved one. We appreciate your kind words as it validates the love and caring we try to provide for our residents day in and day out at Heidi’s Haven residential assisted living facility. Thank you so much for writing.

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Note: We have not included the names of the resident or family to protect their privacy.