Residential Senior Living: Why Choose Heidi’s Haven?


Residential Senior Living: Heidi’s Haven is a True Home Away from Home

residential-senior-living-heidis-havenHeidi’s Haven is more than the ordinary assisted living facility–it is residential senior living at its finest. A family’s decision to find care for a loved one who can no longer live independently can be difficult and heart-wrenching. At Heidi’s Haven, we strive to make that decision much easier by providing a true “Home Away From Home.”

Being the best residential senior living provider in Lake County, Florida is our #1 goal. The unparalleled, individualized care provided by our dedicated staff makes Heidi’s Haven truly unique among ordinary, larger assisted living facilities.

Heidi’s Haven offers a new approach to residential senior living

The main difference between an ordinary assisted living facility and Heidi’s Haven is size. Heidi’s Haven offer smaller, residential homes with lower caregiver-to-resident ratio when compared to large assisted living facilities. At Heidi’s Haven, senior residential living means quality, not quantity.

According to Owner Febby Efendy, RN MSC, “Here at Heidi’s Haven, we offer a more personalized approach in providing the necessary attention, and the ability to recognize and communicate changes in health or demeanor when it occurs.”

Senior Residential Living vs. Assisted Living Facility

Often families are faced with choosing a facility rather abruptly, and the transition can be very difficult to make. Choosing a smaller residential senior living facility like Heidi’s Haven, means offering your loved one an actual home, with an intimate, personal feel.

Heidi’s Haven, unlike larger assisted living facilities, is able to provide the following:

  • Low caregiver-to-resident ratios
  • More personalized attention
  • Highest standards of care
  • Low staff turnover
  • Intimate “Home Away From Home” feel

Lake County’s Best Residential Senior Living Facility

Heidi’s Haven opened in 1997, and has consistently provided Lake County, Florida with the best in residential senior living options. Not all small assisted living facilities are created equal, and we have the history to prove our merit above the competition.

Contact us today and speak to one of our Senior Care Consultants who will guide you through an interview to match your needs and preferences. You love your loved ones, and they’ll love Heidi’s Haven.