Assisted Living is Not as Expensive as You May Think

If you’re getting a little too tired with all your household chores and are thinking of assisted living facilities, expenses should not be your worry.

Your concerns should include things like whether or not you like the environment and working staff of the assisted living facility and whether the meal program works for you or not.

Because if you can live alone in a house and handle your finances just fine, then assisted living is not much more expensive than that.

1.   No More Cooking!

This is probably the biggest reason for most people to consider assisted living. Preparing food on a daily basis may be something you’ve done your whole life but no more! Check out their dining plans, and you won’t have to cook your own food.

This includes saving costs on buying groceries and cooking equipment. However, many assisted living facilities do have a small kitchen in case you like to cook.

2.   Utilities are Part of the Deal

The cost of assisted living per month includes the price of all your utilities. Most of the money that you spend right now is probably on utilities. But in an assisted living home, you save all of that money. This covers everything, including your electricity and water bills.

3.   Ditch Your Car

Maintaining a car is a whole task in itself. The cost of washing your car, servicing it, insurance and keeping the tank filled is way too much. If you do consider to shift to an assisted living facility, then you should consider ditching your car, and its costs. This is because assisted living facilities offer transportation. So, you won’t have to worry about the costs of a car coming along with you.

4.   Activities and Programs

Assisted living facilities have a wide array of programs which include a lot of health clubs, yoga and fitness classes and other such physical health maintenance programs. You can keep completely fit without having to pay anything extra for all these programs.

There are sometimes other activities in assisted living facilities to keep you entertained like musical events, movie nights and book clubs.

While some of these may be paid services, a lot of these life-enriching activities and programs are free. Outside of an assisted living facility, the cost for programs like these would be sky-high, which is not a problem here.

5.   No More Toiling

In an assisted living facility, housekeeping and maintenance is not your work. They have a housekeeping and maintenance staff that cleans your area every day instead of you having to toil around the house all day.

In fact, at home, you probably have to take care of everything from general housekeeping to lawn care and repairs here and there. When you stay in an assisted living facility, you can save your money on all of this as the cost of all these are part of your monthly fee as well!


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